Why We’re Doing This

Our world is crumbling around us. Everything from roads to the natural world to our federal government seems to be failing. Our lives and our Earth are calling for a response.

World 5.0, as our new operating system based on Peace, Love, Integrity, Justice and Balance, can provide the precepts to reverse the greed and corruption that have overtaken our old system.

The proud ladies of Code Pink are just one example of we the people rising up!

Moreover, many of us are already active engaging in our particular passion, whether it is industrial food, personal health or systemic abuse by police to minorities. What has been lacking is cooperation and organization among these many interests.

We intent to remedy this situation with First Monday, a joint effort of Xavier University’s Community Building Institute and World 5.0.

Every First Monday of the new month we meet, engage, prioritize, organize, and further projects that are meaningful to us. By connecting with other activists, we leverage each other’s strengths and interests, supporting each other and ending the ‘silo’ situation where 10 groups are working on the same outcome but not talking with each other, or 10 groups working on 10 different themes but not seeing how their interests are related.

For example, you cannot in truth separate jobs, education, drugs and prison. You can ‘silo’ the ideas all you want, but they are intrinsically connected and connective. This is what we’re all about.

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