SPOTLIGHT: Brick Gardens

Who We Are

Brick Gardens, a social-enterprise specializing in converting vacant buildings into indoor hydroponic grow farms, will partner with St. Aloysius, an integrated system of mental health services and education for children and adolescents in southwest Ohio, to implement an indoor hydroponic farming education program. Together, Brick Gardens and St. Aloysius will work to repurpose an outdoor abandoned urban farm located at the St. Al’s Reading Road main campus in the Bond Hill community.

Repurpose | Restore|Rejuvenate.

The goal is to restore unused acreage for agricultural production, therapeutic gardening and beautification to be utilized as an educational tool for the Bond Hill neighborhood. 

“Having an urban farm on campus will provide ecological and therapeutic outdoor education for the 120+ students suffering from mental trauma attending day programs at St. Al’s along with the broader Bond Hill community,” says Domonique Peebles, Founder of Brick Gardens.

people will align with STEM + Arts (STEAM) curriculums important to future jobs in agriculture and business.

Get Involved

Through a partnership with Neighborhood Grow, a nonprofit community economic development organization, Brick Gardens will expand resident engagement, fostering a sense of collaboration and community identity, education on local economies, and neighborliness activities sustained through partnerships with community-based institutions and businesses.

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